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DCK Manufacture by Dongcheng M& E Tools belongs to China. First Class Quality and using Professional techniques of Japanese Robots, The Dongcheng Factory manufacturing is strictly control professional technicians to ensure first-class product quality guided by Quality First.
NBT is another high class brand chose by Arabian White Horse Trading Company for increasing range of quality factor & customer satisfaction. High class quality is the aim of New Beat and is manufacturing by Nantong and as per our technical instructions New Beat is always focusing to provide us full range of best quality power tools and spare parts.
Arabian White Horse Trading Company’s Chairman decided to made own Brand with the Name of MMK & MKI to compare the quality of product in price variation because As per Customer’s attention on quality & price, our chairman decided to enter Own Brand named by MMK & MKI to compete low prices brand in Power Tools Market of KSA.

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Arabian White Horse Trading Company is proud to choose Dongcheng Hand Tools for our Market Reputation and Trading of Tools in KSA. We Chose Dongcheng Hand Tools, for excellence and dedicated continually using, designing and improving our customer satisfaction, Dongcheng Hand Tools is ensuring us quality and maximum function to maintain best brand standing with us in all over the world.
ARABIAN WHITE HORSE TRADING having sound distribution in all over KSA via opening franchises in major state of Saudi Arabia. The Company offers a range of new power tools hand tools spare parts generators, accessories in very professional brands of China. Arabian White Horse Trading Company conducts business in King of Saudi Arabia and soon will start same business in Pakistan too.
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