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KDYD35 (Type Z)

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Battery: 20VMAX/2.0Ah×2/Solo
Shearing Capacity: 1st gear Hard Branches Φ20mm
Soft Branches Φ20mm
2nd gear Hard Branches Φ25mm
Soft Branches Φ25mm
3rd gear Hard Branches Φ25mm
Soft Branches Φ30mm
4th gear Hard Branches Φ25mm
Soft Branches Φ35mm
Net Weight: 1.35kg/1.05kg


1. Brushless motor,More powerful and Higher efficiency;
2. SK5 steel blade, sharp and durable;
3. leather-grain rubberized body, making it comfortable to hold;
4. Dual safety switch, effectively avoid false start;
5. Electronic shift function, match various applications.

Accessories & Package

BM: 2.0Ah×2(2A Charger), Wrench 13, Hex Wrench 5, Whetstone
Lubricating oil, Tool Carrying Bag, Operation Instructions, Color Box Packing

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